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Sugar Glider Neuter

Male Sugar Gliders should be neutered if they are not going to be bred. Neutering a sugar glider will result in less odor (will not completely eliminate) and less aggression. This surgery will also obviously eliminate breeding. tramadol online no

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Farmers Branch Police Department Gets New K9 Unit

New Police Canine “Bullet” to Patrol Farmers Branch

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Distemper Outbreak

There is currently a distemper outbreak going on in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Dr. Landers has some more information on his blog about Distemper If your dog is not current on his or her vaccinations, give us a call

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Ferrets Make Good Pets?

Ferrets as Pets Third Most Common Pet Behind dogs and cats, ferrets are the third most common mammalian free roaming pet in the United States. Pros They are cute and cuddly and a lot of fun to play with. With

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Do You Have a New Reptile Pet?

Thinking of Getting a New Reptile Pet? There is a lot to consider when obtaining a pet reptile.  Diet, housing, lighting, bedding, foods, and handling are just a few of the considerations. Take a look at this article by Dr.

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Kennel Vaccinations

Dr. David Landers Makes Rounds Every Tuesday and Friday to Local Kennels for Vaccinations   Do you board your pet at a local kennel or pet hotel?  Ever get there and realize that your pet is past due on a

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Inko the Amazing Parakeet moving to Japan. Health Certificate Appointment.

Inko the Amazing Parakeet Moving to Japan came in for a Health Certificate Appointment.   Inko speaks English and Japanese.  See the video of him speaking both below. Inko is a budgerigar parakeet.  Pretty amazing isn’t it?

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And from our florist, a different type of “flower”!

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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House Call Vet

Dr David Landers DVM, House Call Vet in Dallas, TX Dr. David Landers makes house calls in Dallas Texas. Who Uses a House Call Veterinarian? Many people that are busy, work from home, have kids, have multiple pets, or just

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Oldest Pig in the World

Oscar, the Oldest Pig in the World Dr. Landers was fortunate to be the veterinarian for Oscar.  Here is a link to his Guiness Book of World Records page.  This picture still hangs in Dr. Landers’s house to this day.

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