Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Canine Heartworm Prevention: Why it’s important for every dog.

Heart from dog not on heartworm prevention

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Heartworm prevention is important for all dogs in the South and in most of the United States.  Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitos and thusly even indoor only dogs are susceptible.  According to the American Heartworm Society, heartworm disease has been found in all 50 states.  All dogs in Dallas, Texas are susceptible to infection with heartworms, but less than 50% of dogs may be on heartworm prevention year round that go to an animal clinic of Farmers Branch or it’s surrounding areas.

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Do you use a monthly flea and tick treatment Frontline for dogs?  Well, heartworm prevention is even more important that prevention of fleas.  Obviously fleas can be a health problem for your dog and flea control is important, but flea bites are much less likely to be life threatening.  Getting rid of fleas also poses less of a risk on pet health.  Be sure to keep your supply of heartworm prevention handy with your other pet supplies and pet meds so you can make sure to give it every month.  Medications for your pet should be kept in a secure location.

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Not giving heartworm prevention can result in the need for treatment for dogs and prices for the needed treatment can be restrictive for some people. In dogs treatment for heart worm disease involves several injections of medication deep into the muscle, a stay in the animal clinic, steroids given daily like Prednisone, and rest in a kennel or crate for up to several months.  Heartworm disease of dogs can have side effects like coughing, pneumonia, exercise intolerance and even death.

Fortunately pet medications like Heartgard  or Iverhart are inexpensive and easy to give.  If you tend to forget to give medications regularly, or just like the convenience, there is injectable heartworm prevention that lasts six months.
In summary, make sure your dogs gets his/her heartworm prevention medication every month annually.
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