Ferrets Make Good Pets?

Ferrets as Pets

Ferrets Make Good Pets

Third Most Common Pet

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Behind dogs and cats, ferrets are the third most common mammalian free roaming pet in the United States.


  • They are cute and cuddly and a lot of fun to play with.
  • With supervision and safety proofing the house they can be allowed to exercise freely around the house.
  • They can be easily caged while away from home.
  • They are small and easy to transport.
  • Their care is relatively inexpensive.


  • While they have a bit of an odor, regular washing of cage bedding such as hammocks and sock tunnels will keep this odor to a minimum.  
  • They are prone to ingesting foreign objects so you have to watch them carefully when outside of their cage.
  • Some genetic lines are prone to cancer and other health problems.

Where to Get a Ferret

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You can obtain ferrets from rescues, pet stores, and occasionally from local shelters.  Find a list of Ferret Rescues and Shelters here.

Wellness Care for Ferrets

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Ferrets should have a full examination annually to pick up on any developing health problems.  It is also recommended to vaccinate for rabies and distemper.  Intestinal parasite screens will pick up on any internal parasites.  Just like dogs and cats, they are susceptible to heartworm disease and should remain on a heart worm prevention every month all year long.

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Are you going to get a ferret?  Let us know about it

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