Have you seen our Wellness Plans?

Looking for a way to spread out your pets’ preventive care in Dallas? Our veterinary Wellness Plans are affordable, prepaid packages that include a complete array of preventive care services. We have created our own wellness plans, and they include office visits, vaccinations, dental services, and substantial discounts on other veterinary services as well. All of the plans offered through Valley View Pet Health Center carry a low monthly payment designed to help you avoid significant veterinary expenses.

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Annual Wellness Plans Level I
($420 value)

  • Comprehensive Annual Wellness Examination
  • Any Dr. recommended vaccinations for adults (puppy/kitten rider available for extra vaccines)
  • Annual Heartworm Test (Adult dogs only)
  • Annual Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Interstate Health Certificates (when needed)
  • 3 Additional office visits/examinations during regular hours
  • 12 months heartworm prevention (by 6 month injection, no substitutions)*
    *Puppies will receive heartworm tablets until 6 months of age, then receive the heartworm prevention injection.
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Level II

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($525 value, plus discount)

  • Everything in Level I Plan Plus:
  • Annual CBC (Complete Blood Cell Count)
  • Annual Chemistry Panel (liver/kidney function evaluation and diabetes screen)
  • 5% discount on all other services**
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Level III

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($820 value, plus discount)

  • Everything in Level II Plan Plus:
  • Annual Urinalysis (evaluates urinary tract and kidney function
  • Annual Dental Scaling/Polishing (does not include any needed extractions) OR Spay/Neuter
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Level IV

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($1200 value, plus discounts and value of exams)

  • Everything in Level III Plan Plus:
  • Annual Electrocardiogram (evaluates electrical function of heart)
  • Annual Blood Pressure evaluation
  • Annual Chest x-rays to screen for tumors and evaluate heart size
  • All Office Visit / Exams for entire year!!
  • 10% discount on all other services!!**
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**Included Office Visit / Exams do not include additional diagnostics, surgery, medication or other treatments.
***Discounts are not available on food or outside services.

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Please fill out the wellness plan contract and email, fax or bring into our office:

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