House Call Vet

Dr David Landers DVM, House Call Vet in Dallas, TX

Dr. David Landers makes house calls in Dallas Texas.

Cats can be ideal house call patients

Miss Cleo, of Dallas, TX is a happy and healthy tortoise-mix domesticated cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who Uses a House Call Veterinarian?

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Many people that are busy, work from home, have kids, have multiple pets, or just plain enjoy the convenience of home visits.  We get a lot of calls from people looking for John Sohmer, DVM, who was the House Call Vet practicing out of  Plano TX ( (972) 517-2222, who apparently retired and moved out of state.  Clients are relieved when they find us having looked for a while for a house call veterinarian to help them.

Why Choose a House Call?


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Save time and avoid the headache of transporting your pet to a veterinary clinic, as well as long times spent in the waiting room, by having your animal examined and treated in the comfort of your own home, at a time that’s convenient for you.

Multiple Pets

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Households with mutliple pets are ideal candidates for a house call.   Transporting multiple pets can be difficult and our house call fee applies to the whole visit, not charged per pet!

Pets that are Difficult to Transport

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We do many house calls for very large dogs, difficult to handle cats, and pot bellied pigs.  We also do site visits for several aquatic animal facilities and koi ponds.

Home Euthanasia

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The decision to euthanize one’s pet is never an easy one. Euthanasia is a responsibility we take seriously and our patients aren’t required to spend their last moments in a hospital environment. Instead, they may spend their last moments in the arms of those they love, on their favorite bed, blanket or lap.

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If you’d like to schedule a house call for your pet, give us a call at 972-247-2242 or conveniently schedule online using our appointment request form.

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