Pet Medications Need Veterinary Oversight

Why is it important for a Veterinarian to monitor your pets’ medications?

Pet Medications

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When your pet needs medication it is important that your veterinarian in consulted.  There are many reasons that pet meds can cause problems for your dog or cat and a veterinarian can help prevent these issues.

Knowledge of the right medications and dosages

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Not all medicines are safe for use in all animals, and a veterinarian is best qualified to prescribe the appropriate drugs at the appropriate dosages.

Handling of medications

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Meds for pets obtained by veterinarians have been shipped and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Safety Issues

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Some medications should only be given to pets that don’t have active infections. A veterinary clinic is equipped to screen a patient with a simple blood test.

Monitoring the pet

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Some treatment regimens require routine monitoring and subsequent adjustments to drug dosages. Plus, at our hospital, we can answer questions, give instructions, and demonstrate how to give your pet their medications.

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Preventing prescription errors is a team effort and we can help. See this handout for more information “How to avoid common pet medication mistakes.

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