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 42 reviews
Great Service for a Great Community

I have gone to most of the vet clinics in the area, and this place is by far the most convenient and friendly. They were able to fit me in on little notice and their friendly interaction made me feel right at home. When I arrived for my appointment they quickly put me in a room and I was out the door within 30 minutes. I would recommend this vet to friends and family.

Excellent Service

I am incredibly pleased with the service my cat and I received at Valley View Pet Health Center. My cat suddenly became ill one night and I panicked because I did not have a veterinarian in N. Dallas. I called VVPHC first thing the next day and they were able to schedule and appointment with me that morning. Upon arrival the staff was very friendly and welcoming. We were promptly seen by a tech, then Dr. Landers. He was extremely gentle and compassionate towards my terrified cat. He treated her as if she was his own animal. After the exam and specimens were taken, Dr. Landers stayed in the room with me to await the results. He talked to me in detail about my cat's symptoms and what the possible outcomes could be. He also spoke to me about the importance of a proper diet and regular health screenings to prolong a healthy life. My cat was administered medication and I was told we would be contacted within a few days for the final results. The checkout process was smooth and easy and the price was very reasonable. I left the clinic feeling very relieved and confident with the care she received. Within two days I was contact by Dr. Landers and given the results of the test. We will be returning in two weeks for a follow up visit and I am in no doubt that we will receive the same care and attention as the first visit. My cat has noticeably felt much better and I cannot thank VVPHC and Dr. Landers enough for their help. We now have a vet clinic in N. Dallas and I will never again have to panic about where to take my beloved animal. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Very Pleased with Boarding

I am very pleased with Valley View's Boarding Service. They are so nice and friendly and treat your pet like their own. Our Irish Setter is not a fan of being boarded and usually barely eats and comes home exhausted and skinny, even at the nicest pet hotels, but not at Valley View! We boarded him for 5 days and he came home looking a little tired, but clean, well fed and happy. It is very clear that they really do care about your pet and their wellbeing. Valley View will be our new go-to for our boarding needs.

by Samantha Junot on Valley View Pet Health Center

Friendly and professional staff. Great place for my babies.

Loving & Quality Care!

We have taken our pets here for years...they are always caring, loving and knowledgeable. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Caroline always makes us feel welcome, and our two dogs actually don't mind going to the vet! Highly recommend!

by Jennifer Ware on Valley View Pet Health Center
Everyone was excellent with my rabbit

Everyone was excellent. Very nice and knowledgeable.

by Deshanta Taylor on Valley View Pet Health Center
Nice and Patient

Totto had a wonderful visit. The staff is very nice and patient.

by Allison Largo on Valley View Pet Health Center
Very Accomodating

I'm so thankful they agreed to see my sick doggy right before closing.

by Kara Ballinger on Valley View Pet Health Center

Always a great job!

by Kathy Bledsoe on Valley View Pet Health Center
Great Care

I have been with Valley View for years. Always receive great care and concern.

by Cheryl Giordano on Valley View Pet Health Center

I highly recommend this practice and it's excellent focus on educating the pet owner. Dr. Landers spent the time necessary to ensure that all of my questions were addressed and did a fantastic job of anticipating questions and proactively providing me with important information I will need as a first-time pig parent. Finding a vet who was not only willing to treat a piglet, but has vast experience with and knowledge of pigs has given me great peace of mind. We love Dr. Landers, Caroline, and all of the friendly, sincerely caring staff at VVPHC.


I'm the mother of several patients for almost 2 decades now, and you guys are all terrific. Caroline, you and the entire Staff are Saints. I will gladly discuss my opinions at length with anyone.

Sugar Glider Neuters

I brought in my two sugar gliders to be neutered today. The staff provided above and beyond customer service and pet care!


I brought in a feral kitty as part of a trap-neuter-return program, and the staff (especially Caroline!) was amazing...
Not only did they do the neuter / rabies shot, but they went the extra mile to care for this poor guy who'd had a pretty nasty wound. Compassion is the first thing I look for in a vet and I would definitely recommend VVPHC to anyone!

by Jacqueline Turner on Valley View Pet Health Center
Great Rabbit Neuter

My rabbit Severus was in for a rabbit neuter today and was well received. Great staff. Excellent attention to bunny in recovery including phone call after surgery. Very reasonable price.

Warm, Caring Approach by Entire Staff

I stopped by this facility not realizing it was a Vet Clinic (I thought it was a pet supply store); I was in search of a wheel chair for my recently paralized dachund which I had taken to a community vet just a week earlier. The entire staff was so caring and warm I decided to make an appointment for a second opinion. I'm glad I did. Prices are very reasonable. The doctor prescribed the correct dose of required medicine. I realize it is too soon to tell whether my pet will fully recovered BUT I am so happy to say that last night he stood up on his four legs to eat. He did not walk but he did manage to hold his own for the first time since I was told he had no feelings in his back legs by the first vet.

Cheeto's Visit

Great People, Great Service, Friendly and Very Knowledgable

great service

Thank you for you service, great people, friendly , people,

SO glad I found them!!

This staff here is the sweetest I have ever had the pleasure of meeting at a veterinary office. Their examination and medicine for my WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) afflicted hedgehog was kind and effective. Even with my exotic animal, the bill didn't leave me broke and they were very sweet and curious about my hedgie. They even allowed me more of her medicine to help her final days be as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much Valley View Pet Health, you made this devastating disease a little bit easier on pet and mommy.

Would Recommend

Definitely would recommend Valley View Pet Health Center. I had my three sugar gliders neutered and they came home looking great and for a great price!

by Martha Trigger on Valley View Pet Health Center
I love it here!

Great customer service! Affordable Prices! I love it here!

by Carolyn Waheed on Valley View Pet Health Center

Great! I have been coming to Valley View since 2009 and they do a great job.

It's like she is with family

Lucy has boarded 4-5 times. I feel she is with family & I am not comfortable leaving her anywhere else!

Competent and Friendly

Competent, Friendly pet centered cat care

Really Good

The team at Valley View Pet Health Center have always given me and my dog the best treatment possible. Dr. Landers has a way with his patients. He is really good with my dog. The friendly staff is always knowledgeable and helpful with my pets needs.

by Shannon Cross on Valley View Pet Health Center
Extremely Friendly

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They truly care about my pets and go out of their way to make sure they get the best care.

Great Service

Dr. Landers has a great bedside manner and is very knowledgable about the newest technologies in veterniary care. He goes above and beyond to make sure my dog is taken care of and even calls to check on him after a procedure. He has been available for phone consults on small matters.


I've been a client of Valley View for 8 years. Great veterinary clinic!

Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service. Polite, helpful, and thoughtful. Kind to my dog.

Valley View Pet Health Center is my favorite clinic in Dallas

Valley View Pet Health Center is my favorite clinic in Dallas for the health and wellness needs of my dog. From the staff all my wants and needs are met. I trust Dr. Landers implicitly to treat my little girl with professionalism and compassion. When my dog hurt her back and I was a nervous wreck, Dr. Landers not only calmed me down over the phone over the phone but made a house call to examine her. VVPHC exceeded my expectations!

Valley View Pet Health Center is a wonderful veterinary clinic!

The doctors and staff are very personable and friendly, and they take the time to get to know you and your pets. You are treated like one of the family from the moment you walk in the door, and you always receive the best quality care. Dr. Landers always ensures that you understand the diagnosis, how medications are to be administered, and takes the time to address any questions or concerns that you have. I trust Dr. Landers and his team wholeheartedly with my four-legged family members. With the family atmosphere of the clinic and high quality of pet healthcare provided at Valley View Pet Health Center, I will not take my pets anywhere else!


My parents took my childhood dog here and they were always great. Now I just graduated college and got my first puppy on my own. I have been bringing her here since she was 8 weeks old (she is now 5 1/2 months old) and the staff has been AMAZING not only to my pup but also to me answering any questions a nervous new mom may have. They recognize us every time we come in and welcome us with a warm greeting. They have incredible Wellness Plans that make pet care very affordable! My pup just got spayed on Dec. 26, and I was so impressed with her recovery and her incision. She hasn't seemed to be in any pain at all and her incision is an inch or less in length and taken care of very well. She is a lab mix so she tends to (quite literally) bounce off the walls and she hasn't ripped one stitch. These guys are great, I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

Was this review …?


I have four rescue animals and all have conditions that render them special needs cases. I admit that I am as selective in finding a Veterinarian as I am a family doctor, and I had three less than favorable experiences with other clinics before finding my permanent animal health provider in Valley View Pet Health Center. In more than two year's time, I have never been disappointed in the quality of care or level of treatment of my animals; everyone on Dr. Landers' staff is exceptional -- experienced, caring and professional.

Would definitely recommend

I have used the services of Dr. Landers for my pot-bellied pigs. The last time I used his services, the pigs had their shots and other things done. He is with Valley View Pet Health Center. He is awesome. He works with exotic animals as well. He works with all animals. Since I do not have my pigs anymore, I do not go to him. His staff is very good. I am dental hygienist. So, he would let me clean my pigs’ teeth when they would be getting their shots. He is really laid-back, very nice, and very professional. He also does house calls for larger animals. I had a hard time getting my bigger pig to his office. She jumped out of the car and ran down the street. He helped me tie her down. The invoice that I got from him was very detailed and the prices were extremely fair considering I could not get all the work done elsewhere. I would definitely recommend him.

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Our dog, Penny is a timid aggressive dog and we've had to work hard at getting her used to being around people. Valley View was the only vet that didn't spike up their prices to work with her. We dropped her off on Friday and when we picked her up on Monday, she got her yearly exam and did very well with the vets. The people there know her and understand her behavior and know how to work with her.

We've been going to Valley View for over 3 years now and they have been excellent with all of our 3 dogs. They are priced fairly and don't take advantage of you like other vets we've gone to. They've always treated our dogs with respect and admiration and we really have enjoyed getting to know everyone. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldnt take my animals anywhere else!!!!!!!! Not only does ALL the staff take incredible care of the animals, as if they were their own, they also take care of the pet owners, or the parents if you will. Last year, my poor boy cat had to go through and endure some awful things. I myself could NOT have gotten through it had the docs & staff not taken such good care of me as well. They made sure to call me, update me, they let my daughter & I come in every evening to see him, hold him, and check on him. Its very much a family environment for the owners and the pets.

Good Place!

A friend told me about this clinic and since my dog needed a Rabies shot, I thought I check it out. It was easy to get an appointment, the staff was helpful and friendly and the price was right as well.

Very Pleased

I use them as my veternarian. I have three cats that I bring to see them. I am very pleased with them. They always do a good job with my animals. I think their prices are reasonable.

I wish there were more vets like him.

Dr Landers was the only vet that would make a house call for my best friend and her cat. It was the hardest day for us trying to find a vet that would make a house call same day. It was during office hours for them but much needed to end the cats suffering. My friend and I are BOTH disabled and this means so much to us as she didn't want "Skitzo" to be scared by riding in the car. Dr Landers has shown he cares about pets and the disabled. I wish there were more vets like him.


Excellent! I have been taking my pet here for years and they are always wonderful at keeping me informed throughout the process. I dropped my dog off in the morning and received calls several times throughout the day to let me know how his surgery went & when he would be available for pickup. Dr. Cyndi Rachal did his actual surgery, and she is a very approachable and knowledgeable veterinarian. When I picked up my pet, she was able to tell me in detail how the surgery went & what may have caused his teeth to go bad. It has been 3 days & my pet is recovering very well with the pain medication they sent home with him. I highly recommend Valley View Pet Health!

Love this place

We love this place. We drive from Plano to see the Dr's here. One of the reasons why is because they are very reasonably priced. They don't rip you off with high medical bills. Once you know, that you don't have to pay as much for a service, and you try a new place and get there pricing, you will see. Not to mention all the staff, Dr's and their pets are so sweet!

Best Vet in North Dallas

Friendly Staff - Great Boarding Services
There are very few vet clinics who also provide on-site boarding. These people are wonderful with your pet. Most humane, common sense vet I have met since living on a farm. Not your fancy, doggie training academy. Just plain ole good care with lots of love. I think my dog would prefer to stay here than at home. I have been taking my animals to this vet for 8 years and have always received wonderful care and an "I care" attitude. We call it our "Doggie Spa." They are also reasonably priced and handle emergencies -- even if you are not a regular client. Great folks here.

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