Lucy came in for her first puppy vaccines. She’s so cute!

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Sugar Glider Neuters today

Dave and Dash are two sugar gliders that are here today to be neutered.

We do a lot of sugar glider neuters here.  Aren’t they cute?

sugarglider3 sugarglider4

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Bunnicula was in today for a rabbit spay! Dallas, TX

Isn’t that an awesome name? Bunnicula apparently lives up to her name chasing the dog away and may just try to draw blood from you too!

Hopefully spaying her will reduce her aggression. Amazing that so much fury can come from such a small package, huh?

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Veterinarian Wanted

Associate veterinarian wanted

Associate Veterinarian Wanted

Associate Veterinarian desired for a two doctor small animal practice in North Dallas (Farmer’s Branch). We have great clients, an excellent healthcare team and a fun and friendly environment for practicing high quality medicine and surgery. Our paperless practice utilizes a high staff/doctor ratio with full multi-modal anesthetic monitoring, IV fluid pumps, dental high-speed drill and digital radiographs, in-house labs, tonovet, blood pressure, ekg, etc. Competitive compensation with benefits; 401K, vacation time, license fees, CE allowance, and health / liability insurance also provided. Excellent emergency facilities nearby mean no after hours emergency work. Interest in exotics preferred, but not required. Email your resume and special interests to

We are a progressive full service small animal hospital caring for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, primates, pocket pets, and other exotic animals. We are located in beautiful Farmers Branch, Texas in the North Dallas area.  Interest in surgery and exotics a plus, but not required.

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Gizmo is here to for our Value Priced Spay Neuter Program!

Isn’t he adorable?

No contributing to the pet overpopulation problem for him.

Spay or neuter your pet today so they will live longer, be healthier, and help to prevent unwanted pets from being euthanized at our city animal shelters.

Sign up today at

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Sugar Glider Neuters Admiral and Aviator

Admiral and Aviator were here at Valley View Pet Health Center for their neuter / castration surgery today. They did great in their post-op recovery and you can see them here resting in their pouches after surgery. Aren’t they cute?

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Bunny Poo Poo is here to be neutered

Can’t you tell he’s really excited about his surgery?

Dr. David Landers DVM provides rabbit veterinary care and surgery including spay, neuter, and other procedures in Dallas Texas.

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Severis Rabbit Neuter Grapevine Texas 76051

Severis was here at Valley View Pet Health Center for a rabbit neuter today from Grapevine Texas 76051.  Isn’t he adorable?

rabbit neuter grapevine tx 76051

It’s very important to neuter male rabbits to prevent aggression, urine spraying, reproduction and reproductive cancers.  Severis you’ll be so much better off now that you are neutered!

Did you know that rabbit neuters are only $100?   You can schedule online or call us at 972-247-2242


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8 April, 2013 15:59

I need a forever home!

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Sugar Glider Facial Swelling

Facial Swelling in Sugar Gliders

Facial Swelling in Sugar Gliders is typically, but not always, a sign of an infection at the root of a tooth.

Sugar Glider Facial Swelling

Tooth root abscesses form when a tooth root becomes infected.  The infection is basically trapped within the bone around the root of the tooth.  In some cases the purulent discharge (pus) drains around the tooth into the oral cavity.  In many cases the the connection between the tooth and the bone doesn’t allow for drainage around the tooth and an abscess forms.  This results in swelling in the area around the tooth root(s).  The most commonly affected teeth are the upper cheek teeth under the eye.  This results in swelling under the eye sometimes putting pressure on the eye itself and can be mistaken for an eye problem.

Treatment of sugar glider tooth root abscesses typically involves radiographing (x-ray) the skull, removing the affected tooth, and a course of antibiotics.  In some cases antibiotics will be started and surgery will be postponed for a few days to allow the infection to subside a bit making the tooth extraction easier.

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