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Bunnicula was in today for a rabbit spay! Dallas, TX

Isn’t that an awesome name? Bunnicula apparently lives up to her name chasing the dog away and may just try to draw blood from you too! tramadol online no prescriptionHopefully spaying her will reduce her aggression. Amazing that so much

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Sugar Glider Neuter

Male Sugar Gliders should be neutered if they are not going to be bred. Neutering a sugar glider will result in less odor (will not completely eliminate) and less aggression. This surgery will also obviously eliminate breeding. This procedure involves

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House Call Vet

Dr David Landers DVM, House Call Vet in Dallas, TX Dr. David Landers makes house calls in Dallas Texas. Who Uses a House Call Veterinarian? Many people that are busy, work from home, have kids, have multiple pets, or just

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