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Distemper Outbreak

There is currently a distemper outbreak going on in the Dallas Fort Worth area. tramadol online no prescriptionDr. Landers has some more information on his blog about Distemper buy valium online without prescriptionIf your dog is not current on his

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House Call Vet

Dr David Landers DVM, House Call Vet in Dallas, TX Dr. David Landers makes house calls in Dallas Texas. Who Uses a House Call Veterinarian? Many people that are busy, work from home, have kids, have multiple pets, or just

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When to Spay or Neuter?

When to Spay or Neuter? That is the question.     History of Spay / Neuter   In the 1940’s and 1950’s, veterinarians had primitive anesthetics, monitoring equipments, and surgical tools.  Anesthetics were not terribly safe, especially for young animals;

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Ferretonin (melatonin) implant for Ferret Adrenal Disease

Melatonin implant for Ferret Adrenal Disease The Ferretonin (melatonin) Implant is now available in the United States so pet owners have a simple, convenient, medical alternative for controlling the clinical signs of the adrenal disease. Melatonin implants are a convenient treatment

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